The Practice of the Presence of Mary – Mary’s Secretary. Sister Jade, a Carmelite Hermitess in waiting, is the woman behind the website “Mary’s Secretary” and is here to speak with me about her time as a cloistered nun and her book book, The Practice of the Presence of Mary – “To Live and Die with Mary”.

Meet the woman who bore the name Sister Rosa Maria of the Sorrowful Heart, she at this moment is  known to me simply as Sister Jade. We are hearing her at an incredible moment in time. She entered the monastic life of Carmel, lived it, has written a book about her experiences and is about to embark on the life of a hermitess. What does this mean? 

Well, it means that some time in the very near future, she will not be giving interviews, she will not be checking e-mail, she will not be speaking on the telephone, watching TV or anything else to do with modern living.  She will actually disconnect from it all and devote her life entirely to Our Lady.