Managing Crisis by Focusing #1

by David Battistella | The Focusing Way Podcast

Managing Crisis by Focusing

We can all close our eyes and imagine a moment when we have experienced or witnessed a highly stressful or crisis situation.  Maybe someone started screaming, perhaps there was an accident, or a loved one took ill in the middle of a big family event.

In our work life, maybe we had a challenging client, maybe we didn’t make our number this month, or our boss is breathing down our neck.  Maybe as a boss you have been feeling the pressure of managing different people.

All of these situations can take us our of ourselves, out of our normal way of being and make for unpleasantness in our lives.  It can detract from us performing and living at our own version of “our best”.

There are these moments that happen in our lives that can create a kind of stress panic or anxiety which leave us and the people around us shocked or confused and not knowing what to do and how to fell.  Obviously Focusing can help with this.

Our guest today is Vicky Peterson.  For 26 years Vicky has worked on the front lines in a 24/7 Psychiatric Crisis center in Boulder, Colorado.  Whether it is over the phone or in person, she goes into work on a daily basis without a clue of what a voice might tell her over the phone or who might walk through the door in a crisis situation.

Over time Vicky learned Non Violent communication and Focusing as tools that help her be present to the situations she faces on a daily basis in both her work life and also by using focusing as a way to be present in her home life as well.

In this Episode

I invite you to listen in on our Focusing Oriented Conversation and hear some stories about how living in a focusing way has helped Vicky and her clients and co workers cope with the high stress of working in a crisis center.