Focusing and Boxing?

by David Battistella | The Focusing Way Podcast

Focusing and Boxing?

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In this episode David brings together what might seems like a strange “combination” by looking at what in the world focusing and boxing might have in common.

What does a boxer have to do with focusing?  How can we talk about a peaceful, gentle practice like focusing in the same breath as a brutal and barbaric sport like boxing.

The key is not to judge.

When Muhammad Ali uttered his now famous two word poem,  “me, we” it gave me pause to reflect and to contemplate the power in the short two words and how it maybe even relates to Focusing and Focusing process. It also made me think about boxing in a focusing way and to contemplate how much focusing any athlete at the top of their game must be doing naturally. Athletes are so in tune with their bodies that focusing can be a natural extension for them since they are already in the process of “listening” to their bodies daily and even hourly to be able to peak perform on a given time or day.

Boxing is especially interesting because of the amount of physical duress the boxer trains their body for.