Physical Pain #1

by David Battistella | The Focusing Way Podcast


Focusing and Physical Pain 


Focusing practice is explored in many ways. I myself have put it to the test in every aspects of my life, time and time again.  One might think that going inside is more of spiritual or emotional practice, but one thing to remember about Focusing is that it is a body practice.  It is all about going within, seeking answers and a sense of rightness that flows from within you.

Focusing is a BODY practice.


It is not mediation. We are looking for places in our body where emotional “stuckness” presents itself.  Once we “tune in” we can discover the multitude of ways our body communicates through sensations, images and feelings throughout the body.  These places tend to present themselves from the area around the throat (and I invite you to check in to that place in you now) the heart space, the stomach and the whole center of us.