A Positive Life

by David Battistella | The Focusing Way Podcast


A thought about carrying forward

If you understand focusing and if you have even done a bit of it yourself by now, you probably have realized that when you enter a focusing space within a focusing session, you eventually confront some tough situations. It certainly has been true for me. I have keenly centred my focused around many life situations, relationships, things I wanted to resolve and the answers and feelings around life’s biggest questions.

That is all fun and good and healthy.

It is a journey I would encourage anyone to go on. The journey inside, the path toward self exploration can be daunting, but can also be very rewarding. Focusing has a special power as an adjunct to therapy and as a practice to assist with grief, deep trauma, depression, addiction and difficulties life throws our way.

As I have explored the focusing world, I have come across all of these things and focused with many of them.  It feels to me like focusing is at a moment. I’m not going to pinpoint an event or a circumstance, I am just going to say that Focusing has evolved, morphed at changed as it should and will.

The “moment” I am talking about is just a sense I have, but it feels like it could be the time when  focusing opens up to the world, becomes a bit more widely know and is well, for lack of a better term, mainstreamed.

This is what I want for Focusing. I want focusing to be mainstream.

I want it to be taught as a lifeskill in schools from an early age. I want more people to be talking about it, I want more people to be learning it and I want people to teach it to others so that they can engage in the types of wonderful egalitarian relationships which can develop over time.

Why? Well, the reason is simple.

If I was Frederick Banting and had invented insulin, I would also give it to the world without a patent around it. Focusing is that kind of gift.  With a few simple techniques and tools people can be more tuned in, much more attentive and able to connect deep within themselves for answers and a sense of rightness.

I want to be clear here, I’m not talking about “specialized” people, I am not talking about trained people, I am not talking about Certified people, I am talking about ordinary people who gather, nurture and evolve their focusing skills over time.

The other thing I would love to see is a big shift to using Focusing,

not only to get out of a jam or a misfortunes we come across, but to use it the way I have, to make your everyday encounters better. Now, I know many of you might be saying, well that isn’t focusing, that is something else; that is mindfulness, attentiveness, awareness, but Focusing is all of that and more than all of those things in many ways.

I know anyone listening to this has at some point come out of a focusing session with a major shift, an amazing feeling of change, a good feeling. That is what we want, right? Isn’t that where we want to bring Focusing? Not just to heal our deepest wounds but the surface cuts along the way as well.

So it is with this idea that I am asking all of you to share with me some really positive stories about focusing which I can share on the podcast. You can write me an e-mail and I will read it on the podcast and you can do that anonymously or attributed as well.

I have a small request for all of you.

Use me.

Help me get the greatest focusing stories out there through this podcast.  I want to invite you to share with me all you best success’.  No story is to old, too boring too fantastical or too bold. I feel we have to share, in a big way, are you up to it?