Touch & Focusing #2

by David Battistella | The Focusing Way Podcast





Today on the Focusing way Podcast, focusing and touch and we introduce you Anastasia Brencick and Jack Blackburn. Both are Focusing Trainers who are exploring new and interesting ways of including Focusing as part of their daily work.

Customarily, in Focusing we do not associate physical touch with the practice. It would not “normally” be considered a part of a focusing exchange or partnership.  Adding physical touch could break an implied “touch barrier” and could possibly infringe on the safety of the boundaries set out in Focusing practice and partnership as most of us understand it.

Anastasia and Jack are both body workers.


Anastasia holds a Master’s in Applied Psychophysiology, an undergrad degree in social work. Jack holds Master’s degree in counseling.  Jack, among other things, is a teacher of body workers and other caregivers and Anastasia, among other things, teaches body workers and has a background as a social worker in domestic violence. Both are licensed massage practitioners and have taught professional classes combining touch and Focusing.

What happens when the add Focusing to a bodywork practice and appropriate touch to a Focusing practice?


Jack and Anastasia have come together to create Focusing courses for body workers and using Focusing to create a bridge between body workers and verbal therapists. Their goals are first, to enable more client empowerment and body-centered awareness… second, to use the principles of Focusing to support mutual understanding between the different caregiving professions.

So, I invite you to sit back and enjoy this discussion on incorporating Focusing into body work and listen as Jack and Anastasia share the small miracles they have felt through their hands and their whole being by bringing “a focusing way” into their body healing practices.