Business Strategies

by David Battistella | The Focusing Way Podcast

Business Strategies & Focusing

I want to share with you a business strategy I discovered recently.

Just recently I had the opportunity to sit for a short focusing session which was going to last about ten minutes.  I know that many people might feel that they need a long time to “get into” the focusing mode, but my experience has been that I have had many very powerful short sessions.

While I hold firm to the focusing adage, “slowing down is the fastest way there”, I have to say that, devoting even just a short time to focusing can yield very powerful results. This is what happened.

As I invited the idea of what I could focus with for this brief session a thought or feeling wandered over me about a meeting that I had scheduled for the next morning.  Just that small invitation to my body of, “Hmm, what should I focus with right now?” brought me, out of the blue, the idea that there was something I needed to look at more closely around the meeting I had scheduled in the morning.

So, I decided to ask for a short lead in to discover what would come, or what wanted to be known about the meeting. At first I even had a thought toward, what could possibly come, but I let that part of me sit to one side and I committed to invite what wanted to be known about this meeting.

This in itself is a beautiful focusing moment.  That thing that came out of the ether (or from with me) that wanted to look more closely at the morning meeting was acknowledged and almost as rapidly, something else comes along to try to negate or discredit that feeling. So, for the record, be aware of both things and check to see what that the original idea wants to express.

This is how focusing happens in milliseconds and you need to be aware of the light speed at which this inner wisdom operates.  Focusing itself requires that you sharpen those inner listening skills. Things do happen in milliseconds.  Don’t believe me?  How many times have you made a poor decision after you had already decided to make the correct one for you?

I’ll give you a simple example using ice cream.

Your first instinct is toward chocolate. The person with you orders chocolate, something in you waffles and go for vanilla.  You sit down to have you ice cream, the vanilla is OK but when you try the chocolate you wish you had stuck with your gut.

Point is.  Here is how you might do that in a Focusing way.

Your first instinct is toward chocolate. The person with you orders chocolate, something in you waffles and go for vanilla. Now, you stop and recognize, “something want’s chocolate AND  something else wants Vanilla” and you acknowledge both. Just by acknowledging both you are now in presence, you realize there are two things there, in this case choices and you sit with them both, moving toward the one that feels right to you in that moment.

Maybe you go for the chocolate, maybe the vanilla, but the important thing is that you noticed and acknowledged both were present. Its this kind of awareness your focusing practice can bring. Among many other things of course.

Now, there I was listening to a lead in and inviting what wanted to come around this business meeting.  Almost immediately my inner sense corrects me and refines the idea. It’s about what qualities I want to bring to this meeting.  Ah, this part of me is communicating that what this is about is the qualities it wants me to bring to the meeting.

So, I sit with it, listen. This thing is presenting around the middle of my chest and stomach as a kind of vague but pleasant warm sensation.  From that warmth comes the sense that one quality I should be bringing to the meeting is warmth. As I check that back, that fits because I actually like the person I’m set to meet with and something there is reminding me to bring the quality of warmth.

As I sit with it some more, the same sense starts to open up and share a bit more about the qualities to bring to the meeting. I’m inviting these feelings, or more things to come. As, I do that the word sharing comes. As I check in with that, it’s letting me know the word sharing is a quality I could bring to this meeting.  And I end up saying, “yeah!, I really want to share details about a project with this person”

This ends up leading to other feelings like gratitude. As I check with that I am actually grateful this person is giving me some time to share some thoughts and ideas, so that is there too.  As I let all of that be there, I realize that a whole meeting strategy based on warmth, sharing and gratitude are very present and the original question is being answered from a very genuine place within me.

I sit with all of that and I close out this short session by asking my body to remind me to bring all of this to the meeting tomorrow and to let me know anything else between now and then.

So, now here I was, in a whole new place and with a whole new strategy and idea about an important meeting that goes way beyond a checklist of materials or information and to the essence of what a great meeting can be about, which is an exchange that leaves both parties energized.

This is just one of many example of how focusing can put you in the place of authentic experiences and when you are being authentic there is a good chance others will notice that.  Just ten minutes of focusing on a subject that could have been a fleeting thought, turned out to remind me to bring me and certain qualities to the table at a meeting.

The meeting, you ask? How did it go?

I’ll tell you what you are already sensing. It was a huge success.