Terror of Demons –

Reclaiming Traditional Catholic Masculinity

Kennedy Hall’s raw and revealing book, Terror of Demons, straightforward and riveting book based on personal experience of being a father and his conversion to living a traditional Roman Catholic life in these times.  

In this episode, a talk about men and masculinity and specifically the traits of being a man through the lens of traditional Catholic teaching. Almost any time we hear about masculinity these days somewhere very near the word masculinity we see the word TOXIC. 

Focusing is all about discovery. We use Focusing to connect with and resolve the uncomfortable places within ourselves. Anyone who has gone on a journey of self understanding knows it that takes great effort to look at yourself honestly. What you find is not always pretty, transformation is often painful. 

So maybe questions about masculinity, being a man, or asking what a man’s role is in this popular yet toxic culture is an uncomfortable topic.