St. Gallen Mafia –

Julia Meloni

St. Gallen Mafia, by Julia Meloni, details the true story of a a group who gathered to plan a future papacy to change 2000 years of Catholic Tradition. An intriguing, challenging and thought provoking book by Julia Meloni, called St. Gallen Mafia, Exposing the secret reformist Group within the Church, meticulously pieces together events surrounding power struggles within the Roman Catholic Church leading up too, and after the death of Saint Pope John Paul the second. 

For a non Catholic it reads like a factual thriller and for the Catholic is could feel more dire and be seen as the beginnings of a complete takedown of 2000 years of Catholic Tradition. 

There is a somewhat obscure Irish Catholic Saint named Satin Gall who at the end of his life founded an Abby and Monastery in Switzerland, which today is a Unesco World Heritage Site. It is said that near the end of his life, a bear became St. Gall’s only friend. The bear, it is said, brought him wood for his fire. 

To this day, the Abbey still stands in the town of St. Gallen Switzerland.

St. Gallen Mafia by Julia Meloni