Pain as your friend? #1

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Pain as your Friend?


Pain and The Wisdom of a tooth.

A wisdom tooth can cause pain.  Why wisdom. This past year one little tooth extraction has provided me with more wisdom that you can imagine. It has placed challenges in patience before me. IT has provided me with physical challenges and it has taught me a lot about long term emotional healing and they phycological effects of long term healing.

Flash backward,

In January of 2017 I went in to have a rather complicated wisdom tooth extraction.  Yes, I had been told it would take some time to heal and as I write this I am not entirely through the healing process, but I have been able to use Focusing in the past year to rally look at the things that were happening to me both physically and emotionally as I have patiently waited for my jawbone and tissue to regrow and find a new normal within my body.

From a Focusing standpoint this lead me to

look at Focusing and physical pain and to reach out to those in the community who use Focusing  and work with people’s physical bodies to promote healing.  That lead me to interesting discussions with Barbara Dickinson as she prepared for hip surgery and also with Anastasia Brencik and Jack Blackburn who are body workers who incorporate Focusing in the healing process. They are back now, to talk about the interesting discoveries and experiences they have had using Focusing at a body level to promote wellness and a sense of rightness in the body. Check out Jack Blackburn’s website here: email Jack here Part two of this interview is coming soon. Subscribe to be notified.