by David Battistella | The Focusing Way Podcast

Online Communities

Today we introduce you to pioneers in creating online communities Ronald and Kathlyn Lindeboom. They first pioneered web-based communities for media professionals in digital video in 1995 and from this early beginning grew a vital international community that grew to well over 2 million unique visitors a month under their leadership.

As CEO of Creative COW LLC

and later the publisher of Creative COW Magazine, Ronald drew on a wide range of skills developed during his 40 year career in media, marketing, and business management. Creative COW Magazine was launched in December of 2005 as most print magazines were ceasing print.

Critics laughed at the idea

of launching a new magazine into such adverse conditions but Creative COW Magazine’s incredible rise and popularity was the key reason that FOLIO: Magazine named Ronald as one of its 2011 FOLIO: 40 most visionary magazine publishers in the industry.

The Creative COW website today serves over 1.3 million monthly unique visitors from around the world, even in a world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a myriad of other competitors.

Listen to the whole series it will be worth it.