Manual for Suffering –

Fr. Jeffrey Kirby

This excellent volume called “Manual for Suffering” which can shine the light of Faith on suffering and help us better understand it as a part of human nature.

Lent gives us a framework to deepen understanding. 

But who wants a manual for suffering? Who needs it? And What can we learn when we look at the very nature of suffering?

Here to help us increase our understanding is the Author of Manual for Suffering,  Father Jeffery Kirby, 

A great gift in Catholicism is the 40 days Prior to Easter known in English as Lent and in Italian as the Quaressima (the forty days). This time is a great gift and often a time of transformation. Setting intentions for 40 straight days in preparation for Easter Sunday has changed me. 


Many seek weekend courses, silence retreats, meditation classes and other “practices” designed to help one “connect”, “enlighten” or “explore”. For the Catholic Lent is built in to the Liturgical year and affords an opportunity to take 40 days to offer, meditate, contemplate or examine our lives and the Faith.