Humility and the Elevation of the Mind to God latin to English,

by Fr. Robert Nixon, OSB a Catholic priest, and a monk of the Benedictine Abbey of the Most Holy Trinity, in New Norcia, Western Australia.  Father Nixon has translated this work, making it available for the first time in the English Language.

The Virtue of Humility. 

No matter what times Humanity is living in, or humanity has lived through, Humility is the one human virtue that is the cornerstone to all virtues. Humility is regarded as the the foundational virtue and it is said that there is not one soul in Heaven who does not possess this virtue. 

The 14th century writer THOMAS À KEMPIS may be best known for his most famous work, The Imitation of Christ, but now a new volume by TAN books they have uncovered an important work simply titled Humility, and the elevation of the mind to God.