Honor the Body

by David Battistella | The Focusing Way Podcast

Honor the Body

In focusing we like to honor the body, or you might hear people talking about honoring the body.  As we become empowered focusers this process becomes easier and easier.  As you deepen your focusing process, It’s easy to end a focusing session with gratitude, to be grateful to thank the body because we are constantly discovering with focusing that our sense of rightness lies directly within us.

By entering into a focusing state and coming into relationship with the wisdom of our own body we change how we are in the world and that means we change how we carry forward and how we can be.

Focusing gives us the time to check in with what is going on within ourselves and how we feel about what is going on with life situations or relationships.  It’s also a way to get inside and ask, to wander and explore and as a creative person this has been a real treat for me. Focusing can allow you to be the artist or the conductor of your own life in a way you might not think possible.

But just back to how to honor the body for a moment.

When we move from the slowing down and usefulness of focusing in a controlled setting to moving into living in a focusing way the concept of honoring the body begins to become one of several key aspects to living in a focusing way.

The first and simplest way to live in a focusing way is to hone the body through what you put into it. Yes, I mean how you feed yourself and what you eat.  The very food we eat and the three meals a day are great moments to pause and reflect.

It’s the moment to ask questions. I s this right for me right now? Is this what I want right now? How hungry am I really? what would be the right food and the right amount?  All of these questions lead you right into a “focusing way of being” and it also means you are taking an important step toward honoring the body. Why?

Because you are respecting your body enough to ask it’s opinion.

The body, in the end is you.  You in the end are the body and there is a communion we can feel with our bodies when we are honoring it moment to moment.  The body responds and listens and the body will tell you what to do, how to do it.  It’s all coming from within you and the feeling and sensations you are feeling in the body are the ones that carry that wisdom.  You can imagine it as an organic super computer jammed into every cell and fiber. Everything is in relationship. All kinds of miraculous systems are in place to give YOU life, to let YOU walk through experiences. To let you live.

So is it hard to honor the body? This body you have been given regulates so much for you it takes in air, move blood around and in your greatest stillness your body is moving millions of pieces around every second.  When we step back and really sense into what the body provides along with the wisdom focusing helps you access, the “job” of listening to the body and honoring  the body becomes more a joy than a chore, more gratitude sets in, deeper understanding.

That’s all housed in this wonderful living, breathing system that produces our experiences.

How can we not honor that?