by David Battistella | The Focusing Way Podcast




Before becoming a curious podcaster, into biohacking and psychology, as a young child, Mads Fris was always driving his family members crazy, He played sports at high level and began a curiosity journey which eventually lead to him discovering  books by Dalai Lama to Anthony Robbins. 

His constant curiosity to learn more and desire to contribute to a more positive and fun way of learning about these subjects is the drive behind his podcast Growth Island.

The Growth Island podcast focuses on concrete strategies and shortcuts for how to live a happy, healthy and meaningful life. Each episode aims to educate, be fun and leave the listener with at least one tangible thing they can do to improve their life. It is a break from the doomsday messages and focus on all the amazing opportunities we have for overcoming them.

Mads has a Bachelor in Business and Psychology at Copenhagen Business School, and attended master classes in Psychology at Harvard University. He also builds health and well-being startups in the Venture/Start-up studio KRING.

Aya is your personal digital support tool, utilizing AI to assist in structuring your thoughts to gradually feel better.

The app is currently in beta version, so it is free of charge.