Focusing, the Body & Italy

by David Battistella | The Focusing Way Podcast

Focusing , the body and Italy

In this episode, David explores how living in a focusing way has helped him better understand Italians and helped him navigate life in a new country.

Do Italians gravitate naturally toward focusing?

I’ve been living in Italy since the year 2011 and observing Italians in a Focusing way and it has been an interesting experience. We often say in Focusing that slowing down is the fastest way there and perhaps nowhere is this more true than in Italy.

The country, the Italians have a different pace and a different way of being.  One might dismiss this if one where looking at it from a purely cultural perspective, but I would like to consider it positively and in a Focusing way.

In Italy, people speak with their hands.

There is much that is communicated through the combination of the spoken word and the gesture or movement to accompany it.  While it might partially be because Italian has about 200,000 words compared to 600,000 in English, (which might explain the movement to make up for lost words) I believe it is due to a connectedness that Italians have to the body.  It is a physical culture.