Focusing in Gaza #1

by David Battistella | The Focusing Way Podcast

Focusing in the Gaza Strip

I often speak about putting focusing to the test.  Does it work? To me a test means stressing something to the point where you understand it’s failure or breaking point.  I have put focusing to this test in my own life, always looking for situations where it does not apply or can not help. I have not been able to break it.

Today on the Focusing way podcast we are going to hear about one of those ultimate tests.

Doctor Mohamad Altawil is PhD in Mental Health, has a PhD in Clinical Psychology, Chartered Psychologist, Complex-Trauma Psychotherapist, Family Psychotherapist, CBT Practitioner, Focusing Oriented Psychotherapist Clinical Psychologist in Green Branch Clinic and Founder of Palestine Trauma Centre.

I’ve just read you a long list of accomplishments. What makes it more amazing is that Mohamed Altawil is Palestinian.   As a boy he threw stones, suffered beatings that left him permanently disabled and has spent time in prison.

He was born and raised in a refugee camp in the Gaza strip.

Over the past five years, he has been training in Focusing with adults with Jerry Conway, Focusing trainer and UK co-ordinator of the Focusing in Gaza project.He has also been training in Focusing with children and families with Simon Kilner, TFI Certifying Coordinator for Adult and Child Training, The Focusing Institute. He has been a registered as Focusing Trainer since 2014.

He worked as a research fellow and coordinator at the University of Hertfordshire from 2010 till 2012 in developing the Family Therapy Project designed to reduce levels of PTSD and empower the resilience of traumatised children and their families in the Gaza Strip.

In this powerful conversation he shares with us his pathway out of Gaza, but also his powerful passion to help his people and he is using his education and focusing as primary tools to help the people back in Gaza who are still suffering the trauma of living in an occupied state.