Build a Strong Body!

by David Battistella | The Focusing Way Podcast

When I was in my twenties I had a series of profound dreams.  They were the kind of dreams that left you feeling as though you had travelled through millions of miles of fiber-optic cable engaging with every particle in the universe.  As amazing as I felt when I awoke, there was a problem.  I was never able to remember much about the interactions or spaces in the dreams but I always came away with one feeling or one phrase.  This is the phrase:

Build a strong body.

Each and every night I went to bed knowing I’d be going on this journey.  It was like someone or something was shaking me, pounding this message into my brain. Every morning  I would awake with the message.

Build a strong body.

What did it mean?

Build a strong body.

Of course, I had not been involved in Focusing to this point, but strangely I completely understood the message.  It helped me understand that one thing that would carry me throughout this life is my own body.  It had never dawned on me before. It would be with me the whole way, it will serve me.  So, it got me thinking about how to honour the body.  In my thirties and before focusing it was all about exercise, food, and taking care of this vessel.

The word vessel is important because it helped me begin to think about my body as a ship for my soul.  My emotions could be in the hull and I was on this timeless journey and adventure.  It became very easy to take care of my ship and along the way, by and large I have tried to build a strong body and this message has stayed with me for twenty years, sometimes stronger than others.

Revisiting this idea as a focuser has given me a new kind of outlook on this phrase.  The whole idea is to continue to honour the body. We might have a mind, but it is the body that carries us through life.  It’s the only vessel for a journey and it has an amazing wisdom and high tech navigating system.  Focusing is a way into the room on the ship which holds this high tech navigation system. I’ve come to learn that this exists in me and I believe it exists in other people.

For me, focusing has been the way into this space and it has allowed me to navigate this ship (my body) in a way that is more than just a ship in a storm.  Now, I feel I have built a body that is like a ship that can navigate the storm.  A very precious ship.