Almost every person I meet has some component of “stuckness” or a block of some kind.  There seems to be, with every individual an underlying belief system that they are only partially aware of (in their inside world or internal dialog) which informs much of how they are acting through their body in their outside world.  For those individuals who feel that stuckness and want to discover more about it as a way to improve their lives, I would like to help them discover that.

To me it is all about harmony. I try to help people discover their own individual rhythm and harmony.  As I sense into the people I am meeting, I find that there seems to be often only a single thing or a few moments that informs the entire story of who they are; and we all know there is so much more.

It is my hope that the work I do with them helps them to discover and understand that they carry, in their body consciousness, a divine wisdom that is unique to each and every individual. Like the fact that no two people have the same finger print, no two people carry in their body the same wisdom suited to their individual identity.

Each human being is a unique ecosystem, with a profound knowledge and “knowing” for that organism.  My sense is that people become, through many different means, detached from that wisdom.  Reconnecting people to the knowledge they carry and gently guiding that process is the problem I help to solve.