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Pain as your Friend? – Body Wisdom pt 1

  Download to listen later   Pain as your Friend? FOCUSING AND BODY WISDOM Pain and The Wisdom of a
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Focusing and Physical Pain PART 2

  Download to listen later   Focusing and Physical Pain  Focusing practice is explored in many ways. I myself have
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Domain Focusing with Robert Lee – Part 2

Download to listen later Listen to part two of our in-depth and informative focusing oriented conversation with Robert Lee. Robert
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Business Strategies and Focusing

Download to listen later Business Strategies & Focusing I want to share with you a business strategy I discovered recently. Just
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Ann Weiser Cornell on Parts-PART II

Ann Weiser Cornell on “Parts” PART II Recognizing parts and better understanding addiction.  In part two of our conversation with
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Honor the Body

Download to listen later Honor the Body In focusing we like to honor the body, or you might hear people talking
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Wholebody Focusing founder Kevin McEvenue PART II

Download to listen later Wholebody Focusing founder Kevin McEvenue This episode takes us into the world of wholebody focusing with
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