On Structure

On structure. February, 2013

I believe we have reversed the meaning of order and chaos. We believe that structured things, roads, cities built on grids, supermarkets are orderly, that this is how we “organize” things to provide an efficient structure for our existence. We accept this to be a very orderly and structured “way of living”, indeed we have lived it our whole lives.

I believe that the whole “orderly structure” of our lives is actually chaos because we tend to believe that we have tamed nature in some way by structuring our reality in this way.

An example.  If we left any city abandoned for a year we would return to find it overgrown with plant life.  Somewhere in our minds that would be chaotic, but it is actually the natural order of things.

We have it backward.  Chaos is order.  Order is chaos.

This “taming”, this “need to create order” this way of structuring, contributes to what we like to call “evolution” but could it be doing more to take us away from our true selves?

A living example.

Recently, while visiting two separate organic green tea farms in South Korea this played out in the most lovely way as examples of nature and human experience.  Both of these farms are owned by the same gentleman and both produce the finest organic green tea in the world.

The first farm is in the South.  When you arrive and walk the fields you are amazed at how perfectly laid out the plants are, how each row of small trees feels like a perfectly cured French labyrinth.  This is what struck me.

Look how man has created chaos inside nature’s natural order by giving it a structure that suits agricultural production.  But the farmer, the man running the farm and his workers, while beautiful peaceful people had an underlying stress. They were consumed with this perfection, with the task of producing this tea, as though the outcome of the harvest was 100 percent controlled by them.

But the real revelation came on the next farm situated on a remote volcanic island.

Here a different experiment was taking place, it’s as though the other side of the brain was laid out in these fields.  On the second farm, none of the trees were trimmed or even planted row on row,  the weeds were allowed to grow freely between the plants, the roads were placed where they might naturally occur.  Herds of geese are used as “hedge trimmers” as they wander through the fields eating the low growing leaves, leaving their waste as fertilizer. This was the natural “chaos” of nature at work. Everything unfolding as it should its it’s true rhythm with man as part of that natural order, not imposing something unnatural will on it.

The farmers here were jolly, relaxed and living among this in harmony with everything else. They had an underlying trust in nature, one could sense it. The tea tasted different here.

I took all of this back to considering our true nature which it seems to me, is not to confine ones thinking to order and structure.  It made me think about how in focusing we are looking for a way to rediscover this nature in ourselves, about how parts can come together and coexist, rather than having to impose a structure that forces us to diametrically oppose. (as we so frequently experience in mass media for example).

The critic, for example, is there with us because its been put in the world all around us in the form of structure or order (which I call the true chaos) because it bends us like a bonsai tree against our true nature, sometimes forcing us into a way of being and living that has nothing to with our natural evolution or our true sense and true nature.

In nature everything is perfect.  Everything evolves as part of an ecosystem.  In man, our ego and “learned need” to oppose these systems through structure, immediately takes us away from this. For me focusing is the way back.

There are phases.  Focusing is first the deconstruction, or the “unlearning” of order and structure and belief systems we take for granted (the true chaos) of our lives.  Then it graduates into the discovery of individual true nature and finally the internal harmony of living forward, of occupying a body and discovering its place in the natural order.

Of course, we live still live within the chaos of mankind’s order every day externally, but internally we can be carrying forward our true energy, our soul’s energy, the force that is connected to a layer beyond this reality into what some might call divinity, a parallel universe.

To me, this is radical acceptance.  It’s when you realize that there is nothing to tame within yourself, there is no order (chaos) inside. It’s just you, it’s happening within you and it’s all ok.

There it is, in there deep inside you, waiting for your discovery, the treasure of you and all the magnificence that you are.

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