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Focusing Values Statement

I do not distinguish between focusing values and personal values.  My focusing values are included with “living in a focusing way.”  To my value system this means bringing the qualities of inner relationship focusing to the outside world.  This would mean that I value the “self” and that I value the “self” in anyone.  It means having respect for the “self” and oneself as I believe we can have respect for the “self” in each individual and at the same time the individual.

These are some of the values I hold as a person and in my focusing practice.


Aretha Franklin had it right.


I can bring integrity to the focusing process so that I can really help facilitate a person’s process.


Respect for privacy with the understanding that what occurs within a focusing session is private.

Non Judgement.      

Within a focusing (or life) context, perhaps one of our weakest links is the ease with which we can tend to judge others.  It’s somehow “human” to stick a label on everything.  Non judgement facilitates process by respecting process and by transcending our own ego.

Awareness. Love.

These are values or a way we are all capable of being at any moment, with any breath, with careful intent.

Nurturing Attention.

This might be more of a quality than a value, but I feel it is important to create a space that nurtures ones internal creativity and knowing.  I feel every individual has a unique way and finds their own way, the way that is the correct and perfect way for them.

In my focusing practice I encourage people to enter their own space to nurture their inner relationships. I hope they understand that I have integrity and respect their private process allowing them to find what is perfect for them.  I commit to this by being non-judgmental, bringing awareness, love and nurturing attention to their process.

I feel every human being deserves this as a way to help them thrive, rediscover, develop and be everything they can imagine.

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