Something about dreams has occurred to me and I wanted to share.


Since I started focusing I feel as though my dream state is a much more alive and aware space. Dreams can feel very much like my “waking life”. They can be vivid conversations or just simple sensations.  But a new thought dawned on me this morning and something in me wanted to write about it.

The sensations I experienced came through me in this order. For two consecutive nights I dreamt about someone I knew once. I don’t even know if I should use the term “dreamt about”, perhaps it is better phrased in a different manner. Last night, as I lay sleeping, someone I once knew entered my dreams. As I began to focus on this rephrasing many things dawned on me. First, was the notion that all of this dream stuff was happening in my subconscious mind (which I might consider as something popular physiology might preport) and that my dreams are only an extension of my own mind and my own thoughts.

The questions arrive.  “Why is this person in my dreams?”, “What is this person doing in my dreams?” “What do they want to share with me?”.  When I began focusing on the idea that these people have “come to me in the night” so to speak, then I could detach from the idea that they were there as an extension of my mind and I could settle into the fact that they might be there because “they”, where ever they are at the moment, are choosing this way of communicating with me. Then the question, “Am I open enough to receive this?”

In the case of the last couple of nights the dreams have been filled with people who I have not heard from in quite some time.  All of this has left me curious and open to what dreams are and what the actual fabric of a dream is and those things are things I want to discover from the inside out.  This is the beauty of focusing.  In the past I might be inclined to want to run out and buy seven books on dreams and read and consume all that I could about dreams.  With focusing I am more inclined to go inside, keep asking the questions, remain curious and discover what they are through my own inner sensing.

Since dreams are so personal it makes so much sense to me that it has never felt really right that someone else interpret my dreams for me, or that there is some universal blanket for the kinds of dreams that exist and that they carry a universal story.  I feel it’s much more individual than that.

My life is as unique as my finger print so why would I stop at the volumes and volumes that have been written about dreams or even begin there? I’m beginning to see those kinds of inclinations as a distraction. My inclination is now to take all of this inside and be open to the inner wisdom that I trust will reveal what needs to be revealed.  This translates to the external world as well.  This awareness goes into my “waking life”. Now I can be focusing on this, and open to receive the answers at all times, invite what wants to be revealed and invite my awareness toward whatever it is I have invited.

The invitation itself seems to also be a critical step.  Invite the awareness, remain open at any time for the answer to be revealed. When the answer arrives, just be grateful and move on.

The critical point here is that I feel I am discovering that dreams probably don’t just come from my subconscious but more from my increased awareness that someone else, or someone else’s energy is wondering about me and perhaps knocking on my cosmic door, and my heightened awareness through focusing is picking up on that.

This  of course just leads to more wonderful focusing.


PS:  The term “Waking Life” comes from a wonderful film by Richard Linklater, I’ve included a short clip in this post as reference.




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  1. Rima
    26/05/2014 at 23:03 ·

    I like that idea that the ‘dreamed’ person is trying to communicate with you.

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