Breathing into the Body – A focusing exercise

David Battistella December 2011

One thing I have found with some beginning focusers is that a reconnection to breathing begins to happen in the early sessions.  How a focuser breathes is, to me, a great indicator of their self in presence and general body awareness.

This exercise is designed to help beginning focusers increase awareness toward their inner spaces.  It’s a guided breathing exercise done, “in a focusing way”, so that it might help the focuser begin to connect with their inner spaces.

It incorporates parts of a lead in, invites the focuser to bring awareness to the body and begin to make first contact with feelings happening at the body level.

I think it will be a good short group exercise or could also be done, “one on one” as a way to show a little bit of the focusing process without needing to go into a full session.

EXERCISE (three to five minutes)


This short exercise can give you a sense of where focusing can take you. As focusers, we start with the body and we want to tap into the wisdom of the body and those deeper places that reside in all of us.

It’s from these safe places that a focusing guide can help you listen from a body knowing, so that you can be in touch with whatever is right for you.

Breathing can help connect you to the body.  This exercise is designed to facilitate this connection to the body. So lets take a moment before begin.  I’ll give you just a moment to make yourself comfortable, you might want to close your eyes, there will be a short silence and then we can begin?


To just taking some time right at this moment to notice your whole body. (pause) 


Maybe just taking a moment to notice how you are breathing right now. (pause) 


See if it’s notice quality of your breathing and how the breath is moving in your body right now. (pause) 


Just taking some time to notice if you are breathing through your nose or  your mouth. Noticing the flow of your breathing.


Maybe seeing if with the next inhale you can see if you can slowly fill up your lungs (Pause) and just noticing those inner spaces as you exhale.


Now just seeing if you can stay on your breath, what ever feels right for you, (pause) and just seeing if you can take that breath a little bit deeper, seeing if with the next inhale you can feel or send the breath in your stomach and belly area. (pause)


Maybe notice on the exhale if there are any feelings or sensations in that whole inner area and just making a note of where that feeling is… (pause) or what kind of feeling that is.


So just taking the time to allow yourself to breath freely into your whole inner space.  Just taking a few breaths in your own time, finding your rhythm… and sensing into whatever you are feeling there right now.


The instructor leaves time and space for this to happen….


Now just taking a moment to settle back into your chair or what ever you are sitting on. Sensing into the souls of your feet, maybe opening your eyes if they have been closed.




What anyone like to share what that felt like for them?


Comments are encouraged.


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